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Finland is renowned for its innovative, high quality design. Famous Finnish design by Tapio Wirkkala, Rut Bryk, Timo Sarpaneva, Eero Aarnio, not forgetting the newer generation designers such as Paola Suhonen, Minna Parikka and the fabulous Tonfisk team, make wonderful Finnish souvenirs. Finnish design is a convenient and long-lasting memento of your visit to Finland. When shopping in Finland, look for designer glass, handcrafted metal and wooden souvenirs which will be highly appreciated by even your most demanding friends.

Moomins Delight

You know those endearing Moomin characters? Moomin mugs, plates or other dishes are delightful Finnish souvenirs for adults just as much as children. You can shop for all the newest Moomin accessories, kitchenware and fabrics practically anywhere you go shopping in Finland.

Pure and Natural Nutrients – Pure Finnish Souvenirs

The clean, unpolluted Finnish wilds yield pure, natural delicacies. All those vitamins and other nutrients come densely packed in dried berries, jams, compotes and juices. If you love game, shop for some bear, wild boar and reindeer meat – these are uniquely Finnish souvenirs! Shopping in Finland for canned goods makes sense since they will keep long after you get back home. Fish is abundant in Finland, so why not take a selection of fish products from the pure lake waters as Finnish souvenirs?

Sweets and Savouries – Tasty Finnish Souvenirs

Even Swiss tourists shop for Fazer chocolates. Also, you must try Finnish ‘salmiakki’ or salty liquorice! Delight your family and friends with Finnish souvenirs: pastries from pure, healthy Finnish rye. Pretty much all shopping in Finland is clean and natural!

Pottery, Wooden Items, Carvings – Finnish Souvenirs

Shop for award-winning Finnish design and artwork. Classics by Iittala, Arabia, Marimekko are exquisite pieces of art that withstand time for generations to come. Marimekko is an excellent example of down-to-earth, functional design. Many Marimekko prints and designs are inspired by Finnish nature and brightly coloured fabrics are great Finnish souvenirs and mementos to look for when shopping in Finland.