Winter holiday






The waterscape of Saimaa’s Lakeland is gone in the winter. Now it’s been replaced by snow-laden trees and icicled buildings, the enormous lakes frozen into a sprawling snow-covered expanse. If you’re looking for an active winter holiday in Finland, Lake Saimaa is where you’ll find it.

Have you ever walked for miles over lake ice? Do you crave the sound of snow crunching under your feet? Have you been in cold that frosts up your eyelashes, or heard the sound of the living lake ice groaning as it shifts in the night?

Winter activities in Lake Saimaa

Far from hibernating, Lake Saimaa has a range of winter activities and attractions waiting for you, whether you’re looking for some time to relax with some ice fishing before hopping into the sauna, or an exhilarating adventure over the frozen archipelago by snowmobile or skis.

What winter activities appeal to you? Ice skating for miles over open lake ice? Cross-country skiing through boreal woodland’s winding trails? Snowshoes let you go off-trail and easily scale snow covered hills, or snowmobiles let you get your speed up and adventure out into the snowy beyond.

If you want to get hands-on with the lake in winter, why not try the thrilling jolt of ice swimming? A quick dip will send all your cares far away, the mists mingling with the ice-cold waters around you. Or if you’re looking for something truly unique, why not try ice floating? Encased in the safety of a modern waterproof emergency suit, jump into the opened waters and float down with the current amongst the icy debris.

Beating the chill is no sweat in Lake Saimaa

When you need to get warm again, make use of Finland’s unbelievable number of saunas. The perfect antidote to the chill of the Finnish winter, you’ll almost always have access to a sauna.

Lake Saimaa’s winter weather is not the most extreme in Finland. A more or less permanent snow falls between December and February with the temperature typically between -5 to -20°c, only occasionally dipping towards -30°c. With decent outdoor clothing, an active winter holiday in Saimaa is an unforgettable experience, and easily within reach!

Closer than you might think – Lake Saimaa has it all

Did you know that you don’t have to go to Lapland to see the Northern Lights? Although they’re more common the further north you go, the aurora borealis are visible every year in Saimaa’s Lakeland, as is its starry sky, free of light pollution. Similarly, Saimaa’s downhill skiing resorts are much more within reach of distant Lapland’s and are ideal for families and beginners in particular.

Come and get active on a winter holiday to Finland, surrounded by the natural wintery beauty of Lake Saimaa!