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What to buy in Finland for souvenirs?

Here are some tips for souvenir shopping in Finland:

  • Finnish glassware, woodwork and other handicrafts are charming, sustainable and functional rather than overly showy – authentic, timeless Finnish souvenirs. Iittala is the brand to look for in glassware and ceramics as well as modern cutlery. The Taika ceramics series can be found in different colours to perfectly match your kitchen and dining room – an awesome Finnish souvenir.
  • Balmuir is a Finnish luxury brand, offering high-quality homemaking products. Balmuir respects traditional ways of producing linens and knits, working with small, ethical businesses. These Finnish souvenirs can be found in shops in Finland, as well as online globally.
  • Oiva Toikka’s glass birds are true collectors’ items and valuable Finnish souvenirs. Tapio Wirkkala has designed beautiful items from various materials such as glass, wood, metal and plastic. These designer items are absolutely beautiful Finnish souvenirs for even the most demanding friend.
  • Aarikka produces beautiful jewellery from wood. Also different kinds of homeware and designer accessories by Aarikka are excellent Finnish souvenirs to bring a touch of Finland to your home.
  • Marttiini is a renowned Finnish knife brand. The puukko knife is an elegant Finnish souvenir and gift, especially for a person who enjoys hunting or fishing. The globally recognised Rapala lures originate from Finland and you or your fisher friend will surely appreciate them as a Finnish souvenir. A truly Finnish souvenir for an outdoor person is a “kuksa”, or cup carved from wood. It is easy to tote around in your rucksack on your trekking and camping holidays. You’ll find this beautifully carved, handy Finnish souvenir in many of the gift shops in the country.
  • Hand-knit colourful rugs, place mats and tapestry are examples of unique Finnish handicrafts to take back with you as Finnish souvenirs. Old t-shirts, linens etc. are given a new life when used as raw material for knitting a rug. If you have time on your hands, you might even order a unique rug made to your own taste by an artisan to take back with you as a Finnish souvenir.