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Holiday cottages in Finland are the ideal way to get close to the serene nature of the countryside. The stunning scenery of the untouched landscape greets you as you step out of the door, and with hardly anyone around for miles there’s only you and the peace and freedom that space like that brings.

Escape the city to the beautiful scenery of Finland’s nature

With many thousands of holiday homes available around Lake Saimaa, you can be guaranteed a place to stay as long as you book in advance. Cottages near Mikkeli and Savonlinna offer varied accommodation to suit your needs, whether you only need a small hut for one or two people for a fishing trip, a charming log cabin for the family or a luxurious villa for a larger group. Saimaa has it all.

Summer cottages in Finland are like a home away from home. Typically located in the most beautiful locations with natural surroundings, they’re the perfect escape from the city. It’s more or less guaranteed that cottages in Finland will come with their private woodland and space, but cottages around Mikkeli and Savonlinna go one better. With the many thousands of kilometres of shoreline along Lake Saimaa, these cottages are almost always a stone’s throw away from the water, ideal for that morning boat trip or evening swim.

What you’ll find at cottages at Saimaa

What you can expect to find at your Finnish cottage depends greatly on its size and location, but of course, with so many on offer, it’s easy to find just the right one to suit you. Cottages in Finland typically come with their own private sauna, kitchen, living space and bedrooms, as well as an area of woodland and a yard so that you can have space to yourself, perfect for kids to run around in. Outbuildings might have games, especially for children, and extras like hammocks or aids for berry picking.

The cottages of Mikkeli and Savonlinna are often near the shoreline, so you’ll likely have access to your own beach, jetty and rowing boat too. The waters of Lake Saimaa and your own private sauna really are a winning combination, with a dip in the lake to cool you off after steaming yourself, and the sauna there to warm you up after a swim.

Cottages in Finland, being truly out in the countryside, may or may not come with electricity, running water, internet access or an indoor toilet, so check the listing to save on disappointment. Where offered, these amenities and others like firewood and boats are typically included in the price although there may also be a small cleaning fee listed.

When staying in Mikkeli or Savonlinna, nothing compares to the cottages of Finland for a peaceful holiday. Get away from it all and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Lake Saimaa!

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