Saimaa Gastronomy tour

Delicious stories bring friends of good food together

Saimaa Gastronomy is a network of four passionate local food companies.

Together, we arrange food events and experiences in four locations in South Savo, around 200 km from Helsinki.

All of our Saimaa Gastronomy destinations offer authentic flavours and amazing events all year round. Choose your favourite, and come and enjoy some incredible delicacies in the pristine natural surroundings of Lake Saimaa!

Day 1. Tertti Manor invites you on a modern jorney of flavours in a traditional setting

The hosts of Tertti Manor, Matti and Pepita Pylkkänen, began developing their family estate in 1978 into one of Finland’s leading tourism and specialised cultivation farms. Since then, they have established the Manor Restaurant and remodelled the manor’s courtyard area, garden and immediate surroundings in the style of the late 19th century and built the Dairy Café & Shop. The offerings of the manor’s own fields, and fruit and vegetable gardens, have been cultivated into high-quality gourmet products and are still preserved for the enjoyment of guests. Inspired by the manor’s long history of food traditions, the owners have also published a cookery book.

The historical manor estate has farmed land, bred horses and sheep and raised dairy cattle for centuries. Over the years, the estate has run a sheep-breeding barn, its own dairy and even a dairy school. Over several centuries, Tertti Manor’s kitchen has prepared delicious, high-quality food for distinguished visitors, including Finnish presidents, and gourmet lovers.


Day 2. Sahanlahti Resort offers you of the best of Lake Saimaa

One of the oldest sawmills in the Lake Saimaa region, Sahanlahti was built around a water-powered sawmill established in the 1740s. Sahanlahti sawmill was in operation for almost 200 years.

Today, the award winning Sahanlahti Resort is a popular, traditional tourist attraction in a fantastic location in Puumala, less than an hour’s drive from Savonlinna, Mikkeli and Imatra. The unique, culturally significant environment of the sawmill by the beautiful Lake Saimaa, and its modern, well-equipped facilities create a stunning environment for holidaymaking and a great venue for celebrations of all kinds. The view of Lake Saimaa opening up from the terrace of Restaurant Koskivahti has often been described as one of a kind in the world – and not in vain.


Day 3. Hotel Punkaharju offers a wonderful world of flavours surrounded by picturesque Finnish scenery

The owner and lady of the house, Saimi Hoyer, has walked the catwalks of the world as a supermodel. After returning to Finland from the world’s various metropolises, Saimi moved to her beloved childhood landscapes in Punkaharju. When the former State Hotel of Punkaharju came on the market, Saimi and her husband of that time, Thomas Hoyer, decided to restore this national treasure.

“Punkaharju and the entire Saimaa region have been hidden from tourists for too long. Having lived abroad for many years, I see Hotel Punkaharju as a place where people can enjoy its peaceful, natural surroundings and nature’s offerings.”

The restaurant of Hotel Punkaharju has become a treasure trove of produce from local farms, the forests surrounding the hotel and Lake Saimaa. Hotel Punkaharju is particularly known for its varied and imaginative use of mushrooms.


Day 4. The enchanting TeaHouse of Wehmais in an idyllic rural setting

In the autumn of 2010, the hostess of TeaHouse of Wehmais, Anna Grotenfelt-Paunonen, established the first and still the only teahouse in Finland whose operations are based on English tea traditions. Located in the stable building in the courtyard of the Wehmaa Manor, the tearooms are decorated with beautiful rose fabrics and floral wallpaper and offer a wonderful opportunity to enjoy genuine Afternoon and Cream Teas. Anna is a qualified tea sommelier, one of only two in Finland, and has personally picked a selection of about 100 types of tea for her teahouse, ensuring that everyone can find their favourite – also to take home. At the other end of the building you’ll find the Deli & Decor shop, which offers a selection of the best food and organic products from local producers and high-quality interior design products.

Arrival at the TeaHouse is an experience in itself. From the road, surrounded by beautiful rural scenery, diverges an atmospheric lane lined with birch trees and leading to the courtyard of the Wehmaa Manor. In the summer, visitors can admire the estate’s calm, organically grown dairy cattle either by walking near the pastures surrounding the manor or by taking a peek inside the cow shed.


  • Join a guided Tea tasting – event in Wehmaa’s manor
  • Visit village of Juva – and feel the local Finnish culture