D.O. Saimaa — The best food comes from Lake Saimaa region

Come and taste the finest flavors of Saimaa!

What means D.O. Saimaa?

D.O. Saimaa is Finland’s first regional Designation of Origin label

The label signifies not only high quality and responsibility but also positive impacts on the environment, culture, and the region’s vitality. Consumers, restaurants, and retailers using D.O. Saimaa-labeled products or ingredients make an ethical and responsible choice.

All Saimaa Gastronomy restaurants are also D.O. Saimaa-certified, highlighting their commitment to the origin, purity, and high quality of their ingredients.

When you enjoy D.O. Saimaa food, you know you are making a high-quality, delicious and ethical choice. Welcome to enjoy the authentic, best flavours of the Saimaa region!

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