Swimming in Lake Saimaa


Swimming in Finland; the cool of the water under the summer sun, the gorgeous scenery around you, the lapping of the waves, and the sound of birdsong. This is Saimaa.

Finland is a country with 188,000 lakes, and Saimaa is at the heart of its lake district. Along its shores, you’ll find countless places to swim either at the official swim beaches or in the wild of nature. There are also swimming halls to be found in Mikkeli and Savonlinna for when you’d prefer to swim indoors.

Where to swim in Lake Saimaa – endless opportunities

You can swim in Lake Saimaa just about anywhere. If you want a break from the midsummer sun or find a hidden inlet and fancy dip, chances are you can jump right in. Saimaa’s water is clean and, being a freshwater lake, even typically safe to drink although it is, of course, always safest to purify it first.

Public beaches are found everywhere; they’re marked with signs, appear on maps and are often available at campsites. If you’re staying in your own cabin near the Saimaa shore, there’s a good chance that you’ll have access to your own beach which is out of bounds to others.

A cabin also means that you’ll have the opportunity to relax in the sauna; when it gets too warm, just run a few steps to the lake to cool off! The sauna is also the perfect antidote when the weather is not at its warmest – swimming in the rain before steaming in the sauna is an experience all of its own!

Just remember, wherever you go swimming in Finland, consider your safety and never swim alone; this is particularly true after eating or after drinking alcohol.

A truly Nordic swim

If you visit in the winter, you might even try ice swimming; the lakes will have frozen over but if you’re brave enough, you can experience the exhilarating, chilly dip of jumping into the swimming holes cut into the ice by the shore. Believe it or not, research even shows that this is a really healthy activity!

Swimming in Lake Saimaa lets you literally feel nature around you. The waves might push you gently as you feel the sand beneath your feet and the setting sun plays on the water.

Explore. Discover Saimaa. Roam where you want to and swim when you want to!