Camping and caravan





Lake Saimaa in Finland’s Lakeland was made for camping. Sweeping vistas overlook sparkling lakes and rocky archipelagos while endless forests call to be explored. Whether you’re travelling with a caravan, hiking between campsites, or staying in a summer cabin, Saimaa’s beautiful scenery and preserved nature will always be at your fingertips and cannot fail to impress. Camping in Finland is the perfect way to connect with the landscape, and you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is.

Summer cabins and camping in Finland

Summer cabins around Mikkeli and Savonlinna vary greatly based on the style and location but offer a broad range of accommodation to suit all party sizes, tastes and budgets. Generally in the forest and on the shoreline, they will typically have their own kitchen, sauna, beds, toilet, firewood and so on.

Depending on the location and price, they may or may not have running water, electricity or internet access, or extras such as a jetty and rowing boat. The internet listings should have all its conveniences listed though, as well as its prices. A cabin makes a great base from which to launch trips and a comfortable, warm, dry place to come back to.

Caravans and Campsites around Mikkeli and Savonlinna

The more affordable and mobile options of course are caravans and campsites. Campsites around Mikkeli and Savonlinna are very affordable, and camping in Finland might just be the cheapest in Europe. The parking fee for caravans and motorhomes is around 20 euros, while the camping fee is around 5 euros per person per night. RV sites can be rented with or without electricity, and the typical fee for light and electricity is around 5 euros.

Only campsites with star ratings are official, making real ones easy to identify. With the Camping Key Europe card, you can also get extra discounts, insurance and support for your camping holiday in Finland.

Getting close to nature – Camping in Finland

Campsites in Finland, and particularly Saimaa, offer great access to the forests and lakes making them the ideal choice when setting out to hike in the woods, cycle on the trails or kayak on the open lakes and rivers.

While camping in Finland is notably allowed in most areas and is not strictly limited to campsites, that only applies if it is out the way of built up areas and is not a nuisance. For more information, check out the details of the Finnish Everyman’s Rights. Campsites on the other hand are a cheap, safe place to stay with electricity and drinkable water on hand, as well as other facilities.

Camping in Finland is how the country’s wonderful nature should be experienced. What could beat falling asleep under the stars with the sound of the lake’s waves as a lullaby?