Receipt for happiness in a way of Saimaa

Credit: Laiturilla

What makes Finns happy?

According the World Happiness Record, Finland has ranked as the happiest country in the world for six consecutive years. Besides we have a high standard of living and well-established welfare system, we know the recipe for happy everyday life. The receipt is built from many elements, but we believe that our nature connection is the main ingredient in everything.

With the following ingredients below, you can to find your inner peace and happiness in Lake Saimaa region.

Nature connection. Finland, especially Saimaa region is known for its beautiful nature with crystal clear waters of Lake Saimaa and land covered by emerald forests. We Finns have a strong connection to nature and its deeply rooted in our way of life. In the Saimaa region you will notice that everything we do (and eat) is connected in nature. Our unique nature is the basement everything we do.

Local food. As being European Region of Gastronomy 2024, we certainly know how to make delicious food. Pure nature and local producers are Saimaa region’s crown jewels when it comes to food. D.O. The Saimaa Designation of Origin means that the product or ingredient has been produced in Lake Saimaa region in a responsible way.

Cottage life. We Finns are crazy about cottage life. Nothing feels better than snow is melting and you are able to drive to cottage forthe  first time in the summer. In Southern Savonia where Lake Saimaa also locates, there are over 46 000 holiday homes.

Natural ways to relax. Sauna is the happy place where we can relax in silence, just listening wood burning in the fireplace, or maybe chat with friends. While swimming in Lake Saimaa, you can enjoy the natural surroundings. After sauna relax in the terrace, enjoy beverages, listen to the birds singing.

Cultural experiences. The main cultural experiences in the region are Opera Festival in Savonlinna that combines the historical, world’s northernmost medieval castle and stunning opera and Mikkeli Music Festival, which brings London orchestra to Saimaa region.
Also, Astuvansalmi Rock Paintings are the treasure of Lake Saimaa. The largest rock art site in Nordics is the must-see attraction in the area.

Recipe for happiness in a way of Saimaa 

Credits: Uhkua




1. Pure nature including emerald forests and crystal clear waters of Lake Saimaa


2. Local cuisine based on local, fresh ingredients


3. Unique nature experiences


4. Traditional Finnish sauna


5. Interesting variety of culture



1. Mix walking in the forest with foraging for mushrooms, berries and other superfood from nature.

2. Enjoy a dinner in local restaurants where food is made with love using the local products and ingredients from nature. Or, if you want to get wild, try coking your dinner youself using nature’s ingredients!

3. Join nature excursions. The best season to spot the rarest seal in the world, Saimaa Ringed Seal (=saimaannorppa in Finnish) is early summer.

4. Combine the traditional Finnish sauna experience with every season. We Finns are so crazy that we even love also ice swimming in winter! Cold water is a great way to relax your body and mind.

5. Add culture experiences to your recipe. You are able to choose of several options: for music lovers Mikkeli Music Festival or Savonlinna Opera Festivals are the must-experince events. If you are into history, Astuvansalmi Rock Paintings are must-visit place.

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