Fishing in Lake Saimaa







If you’re looking for fishing holidays in Finland, Saimaa is the place for you. In the heart of Europe’s largest lake district, Saimaa is Finland’s largest lake and offers fish of all sizes and colours. The area is characterised by its diversity and is a paradise for fish and fishermen alike!

There are a variety of fishing grounds available allowing you to choose whichever type of fishing appeals to you. Foaming rapids, calm lake waters, clear springs; Saimaa can cater for any kind of fishing trip.

Fishing in Finland –What takes your fancy?

In the Saimaa region, there are many different types of fishing grounds which is why the choice of fish is so diverse: perch, zander, pike, trout, salmon, grayling, whitefish and vendace are all to be found within its waters. All of these have their own habitats and characteristics as well as their own flavours and place in Finnish cuisine. Even if you have no luck on the water, any local restaurant will offer a range of these delicious fish on the menu.

Fishing in Finland is not only an adventure; it’s a lot of fun and a great social pastime with friends for relaxation. For you, a fishing trip in Saimaa could be the perfect group holiday.

Fishing trips – choosing your style, choosing your gear

Along with the variety of different fishing grounds and fish species you’ll find on your fishing holiday, there’s also any number of ways of fishing: jig, fly and spin fishing, trolling, catch-and-release, guided fishing trips, even ice fishing in the winter – there’s a lot of choice!

In Finland, when fishing with a simple hook and worm or ice fishing you don’t necessarily need a license but for anything else you’ll need to pick one up. These are easily available locally or online and typically require a national license as well as a local one specific to your area. If in doubt, just ask!

The shores of Saimaa – a fisherman’s dream

There’s enough on offer in Saimaa to keep you occupied for your whole stay. Fortunately we have any number of rest shelters and fireplaces here for when you want a break, some even with their own places for smoking your catch, right near the water.

During your stay, you’ll see fishermen out first thing in the morning and returning happy later with full nets. Hopefully you’ll have the same luck when fishing in Finland!