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Finnish design is a way of living and not just beautiful objects. Design is woven seamlessly into Finnish lifestyle and surrounds you wherever you go.

Glass blowing and jewellery

There are several places in Finland where you can actually watch the intriguing art of glassblowing. Most of the glassblowing shops will also sell this unique Finnish design. At some of the places you might even have a go at glassblowing Finnish design yourself!

Kalevala jewellery is inspired by Finnish folklore and represents truly ancient Finnish design. An environmentally conscientious visitor will appreciate that the Kalevala Jewelry company uses recycled gold and silver in its production of unique Finnish design. Men have their own line of Kalevala jewellery and especially the younger generation appreciate the masculine pendants and bracelets made from high quality gold, silver and bronze.

Another renowned Finnish jewellery brand, Lapponia is based on the groundbreaking jewellery designed by Björn Weckström in the 1960’s. Lapponia continues to produce astounding new Finnish design jewellery for your enjoyment.

Innovative Finnish design

Many Finnish designers have created innovative furniture. You may have seen the famous ball chair by Eero Aarnio somewhere. Finnish design is still going strong and many designers are internationally recognized. For example, Timo Niskanen, designer of Himmee lamps, Arni Aromaa and Sauli Mäkelä from Pentagon design, textile designer Sari Taipale and Nina Valkama are all names to look out for in the field of modern Finnish design.

There are several designers in the fashion industry who have made it big internationally. For example, Paola Suhonen designs clothing and home textiles under the Ivana Helsinki brand. Fashion designer Satu Maaranen has inventively combined haute couture with earthy cottons and shapes inspired by workwear. Minna Parikka’s shoes are well recognized by shoe freaks around the globe. Anna Ruohonen is exceptional in that her clothes are 100% Finnish. Starting from the fabrics, everything is manufactured in Finland. Nowadays she has a boutique in Paris as well as Helsinki.

Finnish design is known for being high-quality and ecological, perfect for souvenirs. Fall in love with Finish design!

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