Midnight sun magic by Lake Saimaa

The nature of Lake Saimaa offers something extraordinary for all night owls in the summer. During June and July, the sun stays above the horizon almost around the clock. It is a perfect time to wonder the peace and quiet around you, relax after sauna and take a midnight swim – have a wonderous moment absorbing all the best that Finnish nature can offer.

Midsummer, sauna and lake – what a bliss

Celebrating Midsummer at a lakeside cottage is a very traditional Finnish experience. And no wonder, nature is about to reach its full bloom at Midsummer: trees are into leaf, natural flowers start to blossom and birds are nesting. What would be a better time to enjoy the wonders of nature?

A perfect Midsummer sauna experience

Lake Saimaa offers the landscape and ambiance for the most authentic sauna experience you can have. Enjoy the gentle heat of sauna and enhance your experience with a birch whisk. You can make one yourself with the landowner’s permission. Finish the experience by taking a refreshing dip in the lake, savoring a cool drink and embracing the beautifulness around your. Perfect relaxation.

Juhannuskokko palaa järven rannalla.

Midsummer bonfire and traditional rituals

Lighting bonfires by the water on Midsummer Night’s Eve, fire weather forecast allowing, is an old Finnish tradition that dates back centuries. People gather around the bonfire in villages and by the lake to welcome the Midsummer sun and the fruitful time of the year. This is also the best time of the year to do rituals to improve your fortune especially in love. According to an old Finnish legend, if you pick seven different flowers on the Midsummer Nights Eve and place them under your pillow for the night, your future partner will appear in your dream.

Summer evening leisures

June is the best time to keep awake to hear night ravens sing and see loons and other waterfowls swim smoothly on the lake. Observing the wildlife from the lake is also a good option. Step into your rowing boat, push it off from the shore and let your boat glide on the still lake. Enjoy the zen of the lake and, if you like, why not take also your worm-fishing gear with you. With any luck, you might catch your next day’s lunch. For worm-fishing with a rod you won’t need a fishing licence.

Finnish barbecue – the best tastes of summer

What would be a more traditional Finnish summer evening’s dinner than a barbecue with grilled sausages – “makkara” in Finnish – , steaks and vegetables, and perhaps some potato salad on the side. Accompanied with a nice cool glass of beer or your favorite refreshment while sitting on the terrace with a view on the lake, could your summer evening get any better?

Tip for a delicious fish dish

If you had fishing luck, a perfect way to prepare nice size perches is to smoke them in a smoker or roast them in open fire. Tasty, fresh fish and slow food at its best.

Gut the fish (don’t scale). Rinse the gutted fish well, let them drain. Salt the fish and let the them rest few hours in the fridge. Heat a grill or let fire burn to glowing bed of embers. Place some alder chips to the bottom of the smoker. Add the smoker with the fish in it onto the grill or embers. Lift off the smoker when the fish is done (you can easily loosen the dorsal fin). Let the fish cool a bit and enjoy!

Find your way to enjoy Finnish summer in Saimaa

The Saimaa region is full of holiday homes, cottages and accommodation as well as saunas for all tastes. Welcome to enjoy the peak of the Finnish summer to Saimaa!

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