Holiday with






Going on a family holiday to Finland with kids is a breeze. In the lake district of Saimaa, there’s no need for strict schedules; there’s just the peace of the countryside and plenty of space to run around.

A log cabin by the shoreline – ideal for children

Imagine; you have a summer cabin in the woods all to yourself and your family, a private sauna, a private jetty, and private rowing boat to go with it. In the outhouse there’s games, a football, badminton rackets and darts. There’s trees to swing from and boulders to climb on, the blue lakes of Saimaa to swim in and sandy beaches to play on. The children play safely in the yard while you enjoy an ice cream from a hammock strung up between a pair of pines.

The sun is shining as the kids run and shout and play outside, instead of being frustrated and cooped up. On holiday in Finland, their yells don’t bother anyone as there’s really nobody around; only the birds and red squirrels in the tree branches.

A perfect day together in the sun

In the heat of the afternoon you all go swimming together to cool off before you enjoy a relaxing trip to the sauna. In the evening, you all make a campfire together and roast sausages on sticks together. After such an active day on holiday in Finland, the kids fall right asleep!

Perhaps tomorrow you’ll take the rowing boat out, or hire a canoe from local towns like Mikkeli or Savonlinna? You could go cycling on the forest trails or take a cruise on the lake to look for Saimaa’s famous ringed seal. Maybe you could collect berries together, although most of the kids’ berries get eaten before they ever make it to the bucket. You could fish from the jetty or even try shooting a bow and arrow for the first time.

In Saimaa, there are plenty of attractions on offer too. Take a trip to an adventure park one day, or visit Savonlinna’s medieval stone castle the next. However you choose to spend your holiday in Finland with the kids, you’re all bound to have a great time!