Make a sustainable choice – Choose responsible service providers

Although tourism has an impact on our environment, it boosts the economy of the region and enables preserving valuable natural attractions. Responsibility is small things – eating in a restaurant that uses local produce or enjoying nature by walking, kayaking or snowshoeing. From the nature nearby, the restaurants get the purest ingredients. It is also the source of the liveliest tales, materials for our lodgings and the most memorable experiences.

On this page you will find responsible service providers to help you make sustainable choices and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Why make responsible choices?

Sustainable tourism means actions that consider the ecological, economic, social, cultural and ethical aspects of tourism.  This can be, for example, hospitality companies’ efforts to minimise food waste and cherish local cultural heritage.

Sustainability is tourism industry’s and tourists’ mutual interest. By making sustainable choices you can make sure that also the next generations are able to enjoy all the treasures the Saimaa Region has to offer.

Best sustainability tips for travelling

Society's Commitment

Finnish Government has approved Visit Saimaa’s Commitment to Sustainable Development.

The commitment aims at reinforcing sustainable tourism, communicating the values of the Saimaa region as well as increasing the hospitality companies’ awareness of sustainability and the tourists’ appreciation towards nature and responsible travelling.

Make a commitment – Sustainable Finland Pledge

Make a promise to respect and treasure the Finnish nature – take the Sustainable Finland Pledge on Visit Finland’s webpage.

Sustainable Travel Finland label for responsible companies

Visit Finland awards Sustainable Travel Finland label for hospitality companies that persistently and systematically work to promote sustainable tourism. The label is awarded to companies that fulfill the national criteria for sustainable tourism in Finland. Below you will find hospitality companies in the Saimaa Region that have been awarded the STF label.