T Stories: Lake Saimaa – Finland’s hidden gem

“I’m sure you’ve heard of the Lapland before; the snow-covered town of Santa Claus in northern Finland. But today, I’ll be introducing you to a not so well-known side of Finland — a hidden gem ideal for nature lovers, away from the popular touristic attractions.

I’ll start like this…

Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing by a lake, next to a wooden cabin surrounded by trees. It’s a few moments before sunset – the lake is painted orange and everything’s so serene. You are peacefully walking towards the wooden dock to take a dive into the water. Afterwards, you grab a beer or a glass of wine made of berries and head to the sauna. Ten minutes into the wooden sauna and off you go for another dive into the lake. It’s time for dinner; your roasted salmon is on the dinner table by the terrace, waiting for you. You sit down to enjoy the meal with the company of a few friends. It’s so peaceful and you feel calm and happier than ever.”

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