Learn the secrets of Finnish sauna at Saimaa Lake Villas sauna villas

Traditional, modern or smokesauna – Saimaa Lake Villas has it all

Every Saimaa Lake Villas cottage is equipped with a sauna but for those whose holiday relaxation is all about the sauna experience, we very warmly recommend our villas with top-class sauna facilities.

Finns are traditionally sauna folk and, in some properties, there may be more than one sauna. Most of the SaimaaLakeVillas cottages offer enjoyable wood-fired saunas with the crackle of flames in the stove. For those who appreciate traditional sauna experiences, we also have smoke saunas, where the gentle steam is to be enjoyed over a long, relaxing period. Modern sauna experiences are provided by the steam and infrared saunas, waterfalls, and indoor and outdoor hot tubs on SaimaaLakeVillas properties. Some of the villas have electric saunas that heat up quickly – ready when you get back from your rowing trip.

All of the special saunas are conveniently close to clean lake water – great for swimming. As an optional extra, some of the villas can be equipped with heated outdoor pools, hot tubs or a well-maintained hole in the ice for winter swimming. Next to the saunas is a room for cooling off and admiring the relaxing lakeside scenery. The Saimaa Lake Villas sauna guides enable sauna-goers to get more out of their sauna experience, whether they are beginners or veterans of the sauna. Ingredients for a foot bath – a surprisingly enjoyable treat – are provided by the natural areas surrounding the cottage and visitors can go and pick whatever they need.

Come and stay at a Saimaa Lake Villas sauna villa and chase your stresses and worries away.

Have an unforgettable sauna experience