Saimaa Gastronomy destinations for authentic local food

All of our Saimaa Gastronomy destinations offer authentic flavours and amazing events all year round. Choose your favourite, and come and enjoy some incredible delicacies in the pristine natural surroundings of Lake Saimaa!

Saimaa Gastronomy is a network of three companies passionate about local food.
Together, we arrange food events and experiences in four locations in South Savo, around 200 km from Helsinki.

Stunning attractions and authentic flavours

Food events and themed services, the atmosphere of a manor house, wilderness experiences and pampering treatments. Come and enjoy incredible delicacies in pristine natural surroundings!


A stunning manor house just off road 5, with a manor house restaurant, a delicatessen, a café and a cosy farm hotel.

Opening hours:
Mon–Sun 10am–6pm
Special opening hours on themed days and by reservation

We also offer accommodation!



A tearoom situated in a stunning rural landscape, specialising in traditional English teas. This is the place to experience afternoon tea as the Duchess of Bedford would enjoy it, in the atmospheric surroundings of an old family manor house.

Opening hours:
Wed–Fri midday–6pm
Sat–Sun midday–4pm

Sahanlahden Jaana ja Janne Kuivalainen


The traditional and renowned Sahanlahti tourism centre is in a stunning lakeside location just under an hour’s drive from Mikkeli. On the shore, you will find a restaurant, hotel, saunas and a guest harbour.

Opening times:

  • Easter
  • Mothers’ Day
  • Gastronomy weekend
  • Every day throughout the summer, beginning 24 May 2019
  • By reservation

We also offer accommodation!

Map of your gastronomic journey

1. Tertti Manor (Kuopiontie 68, Mikkeli)

2. Teahouse of Wehmais (Pieksämäentie 234, Juva)

3. Sahanlahti Resort (Lietvedentie 830, Puumala)

Come and enjoy everything that Saimaa Gastronomy has to offer!