These cottages makes a great base for a fishing holiday

Holiday villas suitable for fishermen

Saimaa Lake Villas fishing villas contain everything that is needed for a fishing holiday with no compromises. Our properties are surrounded by Finland’s most bountiful lake district. The waters are full of fish, tempting visitors to spend the whole day casting their lines.

When something bites, it can be taken back to the fishing villa and turned into a delicious meal for the whole party. The properties contain equipment for handling fish and for cold storage.

Every fishing cottage is equipped with a rowing boat – perfect for snagging a prize catch – and lifejackets are available for crew members of every size. We also have information about where to rent or buy any fishing equipment you may need. We provide guidance on the permits and fees related to fishing in the local area. If necessary, we can take care

of the fishing permits. We will also share our own secrets on the best places to catch fish in the lakes near each villa. Did you know that the Mikkeli region is a great place to catch pike?

In addition to fishing, the properties offer other experiences for the whole family or travelling party. The cottages are designed and equipped to ensure a good night’s sleep, good saunas and relaxing holiday activities in natural surroundings.

Come fishing for experiences at the villas in the Saimaa Lake Villas network!

Find the best spots with local fishermen

We have selected a group of excellent partners who can arrange day-long fishing trips. The professionals will take care of arrangements and guarantee safety so you can concentrate on fishing.