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Travel tips for holidays to Mikkeli in Finland

The town of Mikkeli on the shores of Lake Saimaa in Finland is known to have been inhabited at least 6,000 years ago by fishermen and trappers. The town itself has around 34,000 inhabitants and is nowadays a popular destination with locals and tourists alike.

Mikkeli is known for its military history having been the headquarters of Finland’s armed forces in the Second World War, but also for its beautiful historical mansions and of course the stunning scenery of Lake Saimaa and the surrounding area.

Tips for travelling – getting to and from Mikkeli

Mikkeli is easy to reach from Helsinki, Finland’s capital. There are numerous bus and train connections, including the very affordable “Onnibus” coach line, that allow you to easily travel from town to town. Due to its location in the countryside between other towns and cities, it is ideally suited as the starting point of a round trip or for accessing the many activities around the town.

Also check out the “Green Gold Culture Road” for a stunning tour of Saimaa’s countryside. The forests are Finland’s treasure; the “green gold” of the country.

Travel tips – What’s on offer in Mikkeli town

Mikkeli itself offers a lot. Within walking distance of the town centre are the lovely gardens of Mikkelipuisto and Kenkävero, the old parish. Both laid out along the shores of Lake Saimaa, they have beautiful surrounding scenery as well as displaying interesting Finnish art and design.

The city theatre, concerts, festivals and events offer urban flair to the nature of the nearby countryside. The lively art and culture scene of Mikkeli is inspired by its unique natural backdrop and is a veritable feast for the eyes and ears.

The local Finnish cuisine too draws heavily on the wild foods of the forests and the freshwater delicacies of Lake Saimaa. Wild-grown berries, mushrooms, fish and game add their unique flavours to locally farmed produce in restaurants, cafés and markets throughout Mikkeli.

Lake Saimaa itself is famous not only for its size, but also its endangered Saimaa ringed seal. Boat trips and cruises offer easily the best option for travellers to see this endearing creature.

Experience summer sunlight even in the middle of the night amidst the peaceful lakes of Saimaa. Have a cabin in the woods all to yourself or find accommodation in town, in the heart of the action. Experience delicious, wild foods and a lively cultural scene inspired by Lake Saimaa’s gorgeous landscape.

Are you ready for an adventure to Mikkeli, Finland?