TeaHouse of Wehmais

TeaHouse of Wehmais is the only tea room in Finland specialised in the British tea culture. We have nearly one hundred tea varieties in our tea collection, and they can be enjoyed on site or purchased to take home. We prepare all our baked goods in our own kitchen, favouring local and organic ingredients. A visit with us is a unique experience of everyday luxury, served in a charming manor environment.

Tea sommelier’s collection of 100 tea varieties

In the autumn of 2010, the lady of the TeaHouse of Wehmais, Anna Grotenfelt-Paunonen, established the very first – and still only – tea room in Finland that is specialised in the British tea culture. The TeaHouse is located in the old stables of Wehmaa Manor. The rooms are decorated with rose fabrics and flowery wallpaper, and visitors can enjoy tea menus such as Afternoon Tea or Cream Tea. Anna is one of only two tea sommeliers in Finland, and she has personally picked a selection of around 100 tea varieties for the TeaHouse, making sure that every visitor finds their own favourite – also to take home. In the other end of the building, visitors can find Wehmais Deli&Deco, which sells food items of local producers, organic products and top-quality decorative items.

Arrival at the TeaHouse is an experience in itself

From the road, surrounded by stunning rural scenery, diverges a beautiful birch alley leading to the courtyard of the Wehmaa Manor, with an imposing stone cowshed on one side. In the summer, guests can observe the farm’s docile organic dairy cows either in the pastures spreading around the estate or by taking a peek inside the cowshed. Various events and happenings are organised in the loft of the stables and in the courtyard throughout the year. For example, the traditional Wehmaa Christmas Market brings the region’s small-scale producers to this atmospheric rural setting.

Finland´s best food tourism product 2019

TeaHouse of Wehmais is one of the four Saimaa Gastronomy destinations. The theme weekends of the Saimaa Gastronomy network were awarded as the best Finnish food tourism product in 2019 in the national Hungry for Finland food tourism competition. With hard work and excellent taste, Anna has built one of Finland’s best food tourism destinations in Wehmaa Manor.

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TeaHouse of Wehmais
Pieksämäentie 234
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Open all year round.