Loikansaari Holiday Cottages and Villas

Loikansaari is an idyllic holiday location in the countryside, in the heart of the Savonlinna archipelago. Here, you can enjoy authentic Finnish cottage life and witness the different seasons in nature around Lake Saimaa. The country-style cottages and high-quality villas are located on the estate of the Loikansaari Manor, which has a long history as one of the oldest residences in the area.

Lakeside villas with a beautiful scenery

A lakeside villa will be your residence of choice if, in addition to the traditional Finnish cottage life, you require space, quality and privacy of your holiday accommodation. In a lakeside villa, you will find yourself surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lake Saimaa.

The lakeside villas accommodate guests all year round. They are located approximately 1 kilometre from the Loikansaari Manor, in the peaceful Hoviniemi at the eastern end of the island. The villas are made of strong hewn timbers and represent Finnish log construction at its finest. The building materials are Finnish wood and brick. Products of Finnish designers are favoured in the interior design solutions. A cosy open-plan kitchen design and heat-storing fireplace give the villas a lovely ambience and comfort, particularly when staying with us during the cold times of the year. The spacious porch with a view of the lake tempt you to dine outside in the summer.

The saunas are conveniently located under the same roof. They are of an ample size and wood-fired; the steam is gentle and there is no danger of being stifled because of lack of air. You can take a dip in the lake directly from the sauna, as the villas are built as close to the shoreline as possible. The lake scenery is truly spectacular. A view opens up from the villas to the vast open Lake Haapavesi. There is no direct line of sight to the neighbours from our lakeside villas, so you can stay in your hidden sanctuary in complete peace and quiet. The villas include a yard area that is both grassy and in a natural state, an outbuilding/shed with firewood, a campfire site, a swimming beach with a hard floor, and a rowing boat.

Lakeside cottages with a separate sauna by the lake

A lakeside cottage suits visitors who wish to enjoy traditional cosy Finnish cottage life, accompanied with all the comforts. In the lakeside cottages, you will experience a genuine nature holiday by Lake Saimaa.

The lakeside cottages accommodate holiday-makers from spring well into the autumn. They are located approximately 1 kilometre from the Loikansaari Manor in their own area in the pristine Hirviniemi. In terms of style, the cottages are country-style Finnish ‘red cabin’ cottages with farmhouse tables and brick fireplaces. The building materials of the cabins are mostly Finnish wood and brick. The floor plan solutions of the lakeside cottages are efficient, and the decor is built on Finnish design. The cottages have been thoroughly renovated and equipped with all modern amenities. Each cottage has its own separate lakeside sauna and dressing room, and of course a private beach. The saunas are traditional wood-fired saunas which are known for their gentle steam. After enjoying the steam, you can dip right into the lake for a swim. The lake scenery that opens from the lakeside saunas is strikingly beautiful. In a lakeside cottage, you can enjoy your holiday in peace and quiet, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Lake Saimaa.

The cottages include a small yard area in a natural state, a campfire site, a swimming beach with a hard floor and a rowing boat.

Boating, cycling and hiking

We rent out motorboats and mountain bikes for one day or for a longer time. Our location is ideal for boating in the archipelago. You can even take a boat and pop into the city for some shopping, to see the market square, or take a city tour around Savonlinna. By water, the city is only 10 kilometres away. Most visitors take the scenic route around the undeveloped nearby island of Tiheäsaari. If you are lucky, you may pass by a Saimaa ringed seal resting on rocky cliffs. Our boats are also well-suited for fishing. You can ride a bicycle around the charming sandy roads of the island and all the way up to Savonlinna, just 16 kilometres from Loikansaari. The villa and cottage areas are joined by a four-kilometre long nature path. Along the path, it is safe to pick berries, mushrooms or simply enjoy the scenery.

Loikansaari is loved by visitors

Loikansaari is known as a reliable high-quality cottage rental company. The estate has hosted international holiday operations for more than 45 years. Over the years, the company has gained an extensive base of standard customers who want to return, year after year, to spend their holiday in the familiar environment. The same families keep coming back, and some already include third-generation visitors. Many have formed an emotional bond with the place, thanks to previous positive holiday experiences and memories. As one lady put it, “I have lost my heart to this place, and there is no getting it back.”

Loikansaari is a good alternative to owning your own holiday home. With us, you only pay for the time you spend at the cottage or villa. Instead of worrying about maintenance work, you can focus on enjoying the best parts of cottage life. These features are appreciated by many of our visitors, who otherwise lead a work-filled and hectic life.


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