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Brewery Restaurant Huvila – Regional cuisine and the finest handcrafted beer

The brewery restaurant Huvila and Savonniemen Oluttehdas Oy brewery in Savonlinna, Finland have been making delicious cuisine and the finest handcrafted beer since opening in 2002, and all with local ingredients.

“We brew two kinds of beer: good and damn good”

Savonlinna has a 500 year tradition of brewing beer. Found overlooking the water near Savonlinna’s marketplace, it’s mainly ale of the British school brewed at Huvila although there are also influences from Belgium, Germany and now from the US with five beers as well as cider. The beer recipes have the signature style of brewmaster Hukkanen who stresses that nothing is left to chance; everything is accounted for and consequently their products and processes have an artisan’s touch. The drinks are served unfiltered and unpasteurised, straight from the tap.

The brewer also enjoys telling his guests that the beer has the lowest CO2 footprint in the world. Although this claim has not been examined or tested, Hukkanen stands firmly behind his words: “I cannot see how someone could brew beer with a smaller CO2 footprint. The beer is produced here and consumed mostly on the premises.”

With around 15,000 litres in production at any given time, Huvila is the definition a microbrewery.

Quality, fresh, local and handmade – superior regional cuisine

When the Huvila restaurant opened, the concept of regional cuisine was as yet unknown but from the very beginning Huvila wanted to offer quality food and craft values. On the menu today, you can find delicious goose, locally-bred, juicy boar from Koivikkonotko around 20km away, and freshwater fish from Lake Saimaa.

The landlord believes that people’s attitude towards food has changed for the better. He has noted that appreciation for quality regional food has increased significantly and that’s why the restaurant is successful; it lifts food up from the everyday to something special.

Huvila’s terrace and the surrounding lawns are often full of guests regardless of the weather, whether it be blue skies or pouring with rain. It is suited very nicely to holding events and every year hosts parties, clubs and concerts.

Reservation information and staying overnight

The brewery restaurant Huvila is purely a summer venue. The doors open on Mother’s Day and close at the beginning of September.

There are two very comfortable double rooms which can be booked for overnight stays right in the heart of Savonlinna overlooking Lake Saimaa and the bustling marketplace over the water.

Information and reservations by email or phone!

tel.+358 15 555 0 555

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