Tertti Manor

“At the end of a birch alley, reflected on the surface of a small pond, stands the gate into the world of Tertti Manor. If the walls could speak, we could hear stories of life in this 17th century equine estate. What did people talk about at the dinner table and how did the elite lead their everyday lives? Today, the traditions of the manor owners live on at Tertti Manor in South Savo. You are most welcome to visit us in this unforgettable setting.“

The courtyard houses a manor restaurant, a shop filled with delicacies, a café and a cosy farm hotel. The Shop & Café and the hotel are open all year round. We organise meetings, activities and celebrations with over 40 years of experience.

Tertti Manor invites you on a modern taste excursion

The unique manor courtyard invites you to enjoy delicious treats, explore the Shop & Café for tasty and decorative finds, and stay at the hotel. The produce of the manor’s own fields and fruit and vegetable gardens have been cultivated into high-quality gourmet products and preserved for the restaurant guests to enjoy. Inspired by the manor’s extensive history of food traditions, the owners have also published their own cookbook. The manor courtyard is open all year round. A visit to Tertti Manor can be complemented with a tour of the surrounding gardens and the rural landscape. In addition to the restaurant, café, shop and hotel, the manor also offers comprehensive services for different celebrations and activities.

Long traditions dating back to the 1600s

At present, the manor is run by the Pylkkänen family already in the fourth generation. Established in the 17th century, the historical horse estate has farmed land, bred horses and sheep and raised dairy cattle for centuries. Over the years, the estate has run a sheep-breeding barn, its own dairy and even a dairy school. Consequently, the kitchen of Tertti Manor holds several centuries of experience in preparing delicious, high-quality food for all food lovers.

Finland´s best food tourism product 2019

The offerings of the manor grounds have always played a significant role in the manor’s everyday life and celebrations alike. The long history of the estate and the owners’ persevering work have made Tertti Manor one of the best culinary destinations in Finland. Tertti Manor is one of the four Saimaa Gastronomy destinations. The theme weekends of the Saimaa Gastronomy network were awarded as the best Finnish food tourism product in 2019 in the national Hungry for Finland food tourism competition.

Tertin kartanon hotellihuone

Tertin Kartano
Kuopiontie 68
50350 Mikkeli
+358 15 176 012

Open all year round.