The magnificent and unique Kenkävero vicarage in Mikkeli is a must-see destination along the main road 5, right on the shore of Lake Saimaa. The main building of Finland’s biggest and most beautiful vicarage, located in a carefully maintained milieu, also creates an excellent setting for celebrations and meetings all year round. The delicious local food of the beautiful Kenkävero restaurant, the hand-made pastries of the café, the enchanting boutiques and atmospheric events form an entity that you do not want to miss. Our mission is to treat you like royalty – come and find out if we have succeeded.

Kenkävero is open daily all year round.

Colourful history

The history of Kenkävero dates back over 550 years. The first dwelling of a clergyman was built here, on what was then an island, in the mid-1400s. Kenkävero served as a vicarage for the last time in 1969. After that, the main building of Kenkävero was at risk of falling into ruin. The new heyday began in 1990, and the Kenkävero vicarage is now full of spirit and life, thanks to careful and successful restoration, charming interior design, and versatile services that suit the historic environment

Kenkävero restaurant offers tasty delicacies

Give yourself a permission to enjoy good food, be it a weekday or a special occasion. We can make even the most ordinary day feel like a celebration. We pride our restaurant for the carefully selected local produce, menus that suit the era and style of the vicarage as well as the Finnish palate, pastries made by hand in our own bakery, and the unique and beautiful facilities. All this is topped off with hospitable service in a magnificent milieu on the shore of Lake Saimaa, surprisingly close to the Mikkeli city centre.

You are welcome here alone or with a friend, all year round, for lunch, coffee or perhaps a refreshing glass of wine. We also offer several unique choices for different celebrations, from birthdays to family reunions.

Kenkävero boutiques

There are several unique shops in the beautiful courtyard of Kenkävero, and the products are wonderful to keep for yourself – or to give someone special as a lovely present. The boutiques are famous for their beautiful presentation and atmosphere, which make browsing their selection a delightful experience. Kenkävero is one of Finland’s largest displays of Finnish artisan skills.

The Kenkävero Shop and the Pauliina Rundgren Handicrafts Shop are open all year round. In the summertime, the selection is extended with the granary shop, the bakery shop and the DeSavo summer shop of artisans. Explore and fall in love with the versatile and unique boutiques.

Unforgettable events in Kenkävero

Birthdays, weddings, christenings, private events… Having a party in Kenkävero is a gift to your guests. Throughout the history of Kenkävero, guests have been treated to delicious feasts, even during the harsh times. In the olden days, vicarages were similar to inns, and guests stopped by every so often. Feasts were served almost every day and even the most ordinary life was tinged with a sense of festivity.

Our facilities are well-suited for festivities of many sizes. A small family party can be arranged, for example, in the former bishop’s room. The vicarage hall is the largest consistent space and it can accommodate 40–50 people. In total, the entire Kenkävero restaurant seats 170 customers. There is also a charming terrace with a unique ambiance, which, if the weather permits, can also accommodate additional seats for guests.

Located just beside the lake, the Kenkävero shoreside pavilion is a cosy venue for parties of up to 30 persons – right on the shore of Lake Saimaa.

Kenkäveron lampaat

Pursialankatu 6
50100 Mikkeli
+358 440 162 270

Open all year round.