Why beautiful Savonlinna quickly conquered my heart

“A few weeks ago I finally got to travel again! This time to Savonlinna in the Finnish East. I had heard a lot about this area before as being especially beautiful and different from other parts of the country.

The conveniences of  Finnish trains

The fact that I was going there by train topped my excitement about this trip. Have I mentioned before that I love train rides? Well, I do. Especially in Finland.

Finnish trains are very convenient and comfortable! You get a lot of space and a peaceful working/reading atmosphere including free (and well-working) wifi. The passenger wagons usually are pretty quiet as there are special little cabins marked with a cell phone for people who want to chat during their ride without bothering everyone else with hour long conversations. Families with small children can go to playrooms which are equipped with toys for the kids and comfortable chairs for the parents to watch them. The toilets are spacious and usually clean and there is at least one nice, cozy restaurant on board serving drinks, snacks and also bigger meals. Smoking rooms can be found, too, if desired.” …

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